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Rust and corrosion are an incredibly destructive force. The problem today is that until now, there was no total solution. In the United States rust and corrosion cost consumers more than 320 billion dollars a year. For example, no where are rust and corrosion more visible than on an automobile. Rust and corrosion begin even before a new automobile rolls off the assembly line and usually doesn't stop until the car becomes scrap iron for some junk yard compactor. It costs car owners millions of dollars each year in reduced resale values and increased mechanical repairs. A quick glance at any parking lot is visual proof of the extent of the problem. It is also visual proof of the opportunity that you, the retailer, should examine.

Until now, there has been little that you could provide consumers that could control the rust and corrosion problem. Most of the products were either too environmentally unfriendly, too caustic, too weak, too temporary or just a cosmetic coating that just plain didn't work.

The good news is that Bull Frog™ Products really work. The Bull Frog line of products is truly breakthrough technology. Bull Frog products were created and are manufactured in a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant and world headquarters in White Bear Lake, Minnesota by the Cortec Corporation. One part, Research and Development Lab and one part Manufacturing, Cortec is a very fast growing company. (Inc. Magazine listed Cortec as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S.) This ISO 9001 (quality control, international certification) and ISO 14001 (environmental protection process, international certification) company closely resembles a small 3M. A good reason for this resemblance is Cortec's Vice President of Research and Development. He is a 40 year 3M veteran chemist who leads most of these breakthrough products and inventions. In fact, Cortec employs numerous R & D and QA (Quality Assurance), Chemist PhD.'s.

Until now, Cortec's product development and sales have been directed solely toward industrial and commercial use under the Cortec brand name. Cortec's customer list reads like a who's who of major blue chip companies and governments. Governments like the United States, Italy, and Brazil to name a few, and world organizations such as NATO, and corporate giants such as Motorola, Boeing, Chrysler, Gould Battery, Exxon, Alcoa, Ford and Caterpillar are just a few of Cortec's blue chip customers. For instance, Cortec products have been used by our Navy and NATO to mothball tanks, helicopters, guns and airplanes. They're used to prevent leaks in oil fields, pack and ship engine parts and prevent steel in concrete from corroding and ultimately failing. By the way, if you have any pennies in your pocket, there's a good chance that the U.S. Mint applied Cortec's patented VpCI technology to them in order to extend their life and to prevent corrosion. And the next time you cross a new or remodeled bridge, Cortec's patented MCIS technology will prevent the new and old rebar within from rusting, thus preventing that bridge from deteriorating beneath your feet.

Enter Consumer Products
Today, Cortec wants to make its innovative technologies available to consumers under the Bull Frog brand name. The new Bull Frog line utilizes all of the same patented technologies that Cortec has been marketing to commerce and industry for years. It's always exciting to introduce a new product, but it's even more exciting to be the first and to do it. So, let's talk about Bull Frog products and their application.

All Bull Frog products share the same story, VpCls (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors). This means that all Bull Frog products emit VpCIs, as they a key to corrosion prevention. Bull Frog products vary because each product uses a different carrier. Some are liquids, such as the additives, the lubricant, the electronics cleaner, the cleaner degreaser, and the waxes. Some are foam emitter cups and emitter foam.

Bull Frog VpCls are highly mobile. They protect metal surfaces by migrating to the unprotected metal. VpCIs are attracted to areas with potential for corrosion like a magnet to metal. VpCIs are safe for the consumer and the envirorunent. Unlike other corrosion inhibiting products of the past, Bull Frog VpCls do not contain chromates or other heavy metals, nitrites (a cancer causing ingredient) or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Bull Frog VpCI products are water-based and replace conventional petroleum and oil- based anti-corrosion coatings, that pollute such as paints, greases and solvents, which remain fixed.

Bull Frog Emitters
Perhaps the most unusual products that Bull Frog offers are the emitters. The emitters are available in cups and foams in different sizes. These foams and cups contain VpCls and when placed in an enclosure such as a car door, a gun cabinet, a tool box, a stereo, a computer, etc., these VpCls vaporize in the surrounding enclosure. They vaporize just like water except it takes place over months or years instead of minutes or hours. VpCI's continue to protect for up to a year. After vaporizing, the VpCls condense and form an invisible, tiny molecule-sized film on any metal that is present. VpCls are unique in that they prevent oxidation (the interaction of air and moisture with metal), which in turn prevents rust and corrosion from forming.

Emitters work fast. In fact, the higher the temperature, the faster VpCIs vaporize. At room temperature, most VpCls require less than 24 hours to reach metals at the opposite end of an enclosure (depending on enclosure and emitter size). The faster VpCls vaporize, however, the sooner they will be depleted. For instance, a constant temperature of 120' to 140' F (49' to 60'C) would shorten the useful life of an emitter to one year. VpCI emitters have been used successfully under extremely adverse conditions, including remote control electronic boxes located near the sea and in harsh industrial and commercial atmospheres.

When placed inside an enclosure, some of the VpCIs may be lost if the door is constantly being opened. However, the VpCls that have already adsorbed and bonded onto metal will continue to protect the metal. As soon as the door is closed, the VpCls will again fill the space with vapors. For instance, two cup emitters placed in the trunk of a car would last one year even if the trunk was opened and closed five times a day. One cup emitter inside a car door would easily last a year before it would need to be replaced.

Although emitters are meant to be used in "enclosed spaces", they will still provide adequate protection for areas having some air flowing through them, such as under automotive or marine dashboards, protecting electronics or electrical systems. The lifetime of the emitters will be somewhat shortened. The VpCIs that are already adsorbed and bonded to the exposed metals will not be easily displaced. Once metal has been coated, protection continues.

Emitter applications
There are many uses for emitters. They can be used inside any electrical panels, fuse boxes, electro-mechanical controls, switch boxes, tool boxes, tackle boxes, light fixtures on board RVs, cars, trucks, motorcycles or boats.

VpCls, by the way, have no adverse effects on electrical or electronics, in fact they do the opposite. They will actually protect signal flow from denigrating. Tests have proven that the contact resistance of relays and contacts remains much lower because VpCIs inhibit any corrosion or any galvanic pitting from forming on contacts. That's why the electronic cleaner is probably one of the heroes of the entire Bull Frog line of products.

Bull Frog Electronic Cleaner & Corrosion Blocker
The majority of all electronic and electrical breakdowns occur because of the effects of corrosion. Many electronic repair technicians refer to the Bull Frog electronic cleaner as a "Lazurus" product ... meaning they've used Bull Frog Electronic Cleaner on products that were presumed "dead", and brought "back to life". The Electronic Cleaner has recently received national endorsement from the National Electronics Service Dealers Association (NESDA). Rust and corrosion are the number one cause of car stereo breakdown. The atmosphere inside of a car can be very harsh in terms of extremes in temperature and humidity. Using a combination of the electronic cleaner on all wiring and contact points and an emitter inside the chassis of a car stereo will not only prevent breakdowns but will also ensure the audio performance of a customer's expensive car stereo.

The Bull Frog Electronic Cleaner has many other automotive uses. It can be sprayed on car batteries, cell-phone batteries, flashlight batteries and even generators to stop corrosion. Spray it inside headlight and tail light connector assemblies and even trailer hookups (including the ball and hitch). Wherever electronic or electrical current exists there will be corrosion. The Bull Frog Electronic Cleaner is the answer to this problem.

Bull Frog Motor Additives
There are a lot of motor additives on the market ... but nothing like Bull Frog Additives. Bull Frog additives are unique in that they work both above and below the fluid levels to stop rust and corrosion. The Bull Frog Coolant Additive is a natural because we all know the rust and corrosion problems in vehicle cooling systems. Besides the heater core, the corrosion problem can extend itself into thermostats and other metals in the system. It has little or no impact on the performance of coolants and Bull Frog protection will last until the coolant system is flushed.

The Bull Frog Oil Additive is vital to any motors that are not used on a daily basis because of the corrosive activity that takes place once the oil inside a motor has settled. That's why Caterpillar Tractor uses it on all of its heavy equipment. It is ideal for stored engines. The Bull Frog Fuel Additive works especially well for those of us that don't top off our fuel tanks. Metal fuel tanks corrode from the inside out. In fact, metal fuel tanks that are always less than half full begin to rust and corrode even faster. Tiny flakes of rust can easily find their way into dry fuel lines and clog carburetors and fuel injection systems. A rusted fuel system is especially risky because of the danger of fire or explosion due to leakage.

Bull Frog Rust Remover with Rust Blocker
The traditional rust remover product has always been naval jelly. Naval jelly works but it also contains phosphoric acid which is highly toxic. It pollutes and is dangerous to people, pets and the environment. Bull Frog Rust Remover is non-toxic, non-polluting and biodegradable. It's simple to use. Just put it on the rusted or corroded area, activate it with a tooth brush or wire brush and let it stand for an hour. You can then wash it off with a garden hose. For heavily rusted areas just reapply it. Another unique feature is you don't have to paint the area right away because the VpCIs prevent flash rust from reappearing.

Bull Frog Rust Blocker
Bull Frog Rust Blocker prevents rust before it starts or after you've used the rust remover to prevent rusting. The VpCls in Bull Frog Rust Blocker will form an invisible molecular layer that will seal the metal against air and moisture. Even if Rust Blocker is scratched away, VpCIs in the surrounding area will immediately migrate to the exposed area to reseal the surface. Whatever air can reach, VpCIs can reach.

Bull Frog Waxes
Bull Frog waxes are unique. They are the only wax that contains VpCls. VpCls protect all those tiny nicks where the paint has chipped away. There are two Bull Frog waxes. The Bull Frog Fast Wax with Rust Blocker is a one-step wax that you simply apply with a cloth and wipe off. You can shine an entire car in just minutes. The High-Shine Wax with Rust Blocker is a professional wax and, while it requires a bit more elbow grease, it too contains VpCls that will protect and seal the finish. It's great for Clear-Coat and has no effect on the finish and no chemical build-up ever.

Bull Frog Lubricant With Rust Blocker
Everyone knows WD-40, well Bull Frog Lubricant with Rust Blocker works much better and does more. It works better because it's a heavy-duty organic lubricant that contains VpCIs ( its not an oil-based product, like WD 40) which prevent the rust and corrosion that caused the squeak in the first place. Obviously, this product has many uses. Tools, nuts, bolts, doors, gates, hinges, bikes, wagons, trailers,. ..anything that is metal and moves. We guarantee you that one shot of Bull Frog Lubricant with Rust Blocker will last three times as long as any other lubricant.

Bull Frog Cleaner Degreaser with Rust Blocker
Again, the Bull Frog Cleaner Degreaser with Rust Blocker is different from all other degreasers. Yes, it's a great cleaner but, it also contains VpCIs which will immediately protect any metal surface after it's been cleaned, including aluminum alloys, brass, cast iron, copper, galvanized steel, silver, solder, magnesium, etc., etc., etc. It's also non-toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free and non-corrosive. It will protect metal surfaces for up to three months from rust and corrosion.

Bull Frog Rust Blocker Gun Sleeves
Only Bull Frog Rust Blocker Gun Sleeves protect valuable firearms with the same Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCls) developed for the military and major industries. The molecular umbrella that is formed seals external and hard-to-reach internal metal surfaces against the air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion. There's no effect on metal or gun stock finishes, and no residue build-up...... ever. The non-abrasive lining wicks away moisture and condensation that cause rust and mildew growth. Simply wipe off surface moisture, slip your gun into a Bull Frog gun sleeve and slide it into your regular gun case. The combination of VpCls and the wicking action of the sleeve will keep firearms safe from rust and corrosion.

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