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The Secret of the Best Way
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Each of the Bull Frog Products work well individually. But when you use the Cleaner, the Rust Remover and Rust Blocker as a 4 step process you've got a break-through combination. But before I proceed any further, let's review some pertinant items.

What is corrosion? Corrosion is the deterioration of a material, usually a metal, that results from a reaction with its environment. For corrosion to take place, four components must be present:
• anode
• cathode
• electrical or mechanical connection between the anode and cathode
• electrolyte with allows the electrons to move between the anode and cathode.

Coatings, such as oils, grease, paints, etc. are principal traditional tools for defending against corrosion. Coatings help protect against corrosion by providing a barrier to prevent or limit contact between a structure's metal surface and its corrosive environment. To be effective, protective coatings and must be properly selected and installed by personnel trained in surface preparation and application of the material selected.

Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors are substances which, when added to a particular environment, decrease the rate of attack of that environment on metals. VpCIs are added in small amounts to liquids or other carriers, such as oils, waxes etc., to prevent serious corrosion. VpCIs retard corrosion in many ways, such as "adsorption", forming films to coat materials and protect them from attack, and creating a "active" layer on the surface of a material which inhibits further deterioration.

The best way to prepare a surface from the ravages of rust is corrosion is as follows:

1. Clean the surface first. That's right, cleaning the surface with BullFrog Cleaner Degreaser will actually improve the ability of the Rust Remover to do its work. Microscopic particles of grease, dirt and debris can actually coat the rust and corrosion and impede the removal process.

2. Apply the Rust Remover. This can be a relatively thin coating with a Scotch Brite sponge is best. The period of time that the rust remover sits on the surface is critical to it's success, or lack there of. Remember that our rust remover is an acid and acids need time. (By the way, acids like normal room temperature, below 50 degree is tough territory for acids. Tell the customer not to use it.) Suggest that the consumer "test patch" a surface to be cleaned. It's also a good idea to use the rough side of a Scotch Brite pad to do the cleaning. Rust remover will not replace metals which have been transformed into rust (oxides).

3. Clean the surface again. That's right, clean it again with Cleaner/ Degreaser. The surface is now coated with Rust Remover which is an acid and you are about to cover it with Rust Blocker which is an alkaline. The net effect could be nuetralize both products. This is a critical step.

4. Apply the Rust Blocker. Don't be afraid to apply a thick coating. Rust Blocker will never dry completely. It will have a relatively hard skin but the sub surface will stay tacky and can be removed with heavy finger pressure. If Rust Blocker ever have to be cleaned off a standard solvent such as turpentine will do the job.

Therefore the customer VpCIs can extend the life of equipment, prevent system shutdowns and failures; avoid product contamination; prevent loss of heat transfer; and preserve an attractive appearance of items. Evaluating the environment in which a structure is or will be located is very important to corrosion prevention, no matter which control method is used. Modifying the environment immediately surrounding a structure, such as reducing moisture or improving drainage, can be a simple and effective way to reduce the potential for corrosion.

Bull Frog's corrosion inhibitors provide a new set of answers that offer a more environmentally friendly method of treatment with extremely low toxicity and extremely low polluting effects. Bull Frog VpCI's do not contain chelating agents, chromates, other heavy metals, phosphates or chlorinated hydrocarbons. These water based, organic formulations offer the consumer an environmentally acceptable way to protect their property. Unlike conventional methods of corrosion inhibition, Bull Frog Ms are self-replenishing. While conventional anti-corrosion coatings, such as paints, remain fixed, Bull Frog VpCIs are highly mobile. VpCIs are attracted to areas with potential for corrosion, just like a magnet. Bull Frog products extend the life of the protected item by providing protection in all three phases: liquid, interphace and vapor phase.

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