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Technical Info About Bull Frog "Rust Blocker" (VpCI) Products

• Corrosion is an incredibly destructive force facing everyone. In the United States alone, corrosion costs the consumer, over 350 billion dollars a year.

• Bull Frog has developed a break-through additive technoIogy which offers highly efficient and economical protection for the consumer. Many other corrosion protection methods employed are less than effective, and worse, are inherently damaging to the earth's environment.

• Through commitment, extensive research and development, Bull Frog pioneered the application and distribution of VpCI (Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitor) technology.

• Bull Frog products are environmentally acceptable, water-based products that effectively replace traditional polluting oil/solvent based coatings.

• Bull Frog VpCIs are self-replenishing. While conventional anticorrosion coatings, such as paints, remain fixed, Bull Frog VpCIs are highly mobile. VpCIs are attracted to areas with potential for corrosion, just like a magnet. Bull Frog products extend the life of the protected item by providing protection in all three phases: liquid, interphace and vapor phase.

• The driving force that causes metal to corrode is a natural consequence of their temporary existence in metallic form. To create a metallic substance, it simply takes some natural ore with energy added, in the form of heat or compression. This addition of energy forces the natural ore to transform into metallic substance. Therefore, metal is simply natural ore and stored up energy.

Natural Ore + Energy = Metallic Substance

• In order to start the corrosion process, four things are necessary: the cathode the anode an electrical path between the two and an electrically conductive electrolyte.

• When these four things are brought together a corrosion event is set in place. There are also two major influencers on the corrosion process: Galvanic and Atmospheric interaction.

• Galvanic corrosion event can occur where a steel fence post shaft is partially exposed to the soil and partially embedded in concrete. The fence post alone serves as cathode, anode and the metallic connection between the two. The portion of the shaft in concrete serves as the cathode and the portion exposed to the soil becomes the anode.

• The principal factors influencing atmospheric corrosion for a given metal are moisture, temperature and the presence of contaminants in the environment. Corrosion severity is further increased when salt, sulfur compounds and other atmospheric contaminants are present.

• Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI's) are corrosion inhibiting compounds some or all of whose ingredients have sufficient energy (vapor pressure) to release molecules from the compound into the air and ultimately to block the corrosive effects of electrolytes. Bull Frog products contain proprietary chemical systems which emit a non toxic vapor which is diffused throughout the air. Electron scanning instrumentation shows that the VpCI laden atmosphere causes VpCI molecules to condense in a microscopic layer on all surfaces they can reach. Metal surfaces are passivated by the condensed molecules. The inhibiting layer is maintained as long as the product protected with a VpCI layer revolatilizes from the surfaces. Within two hours, the VpCIs leave a clean, dry and corrosion-free product.

• VpCI's condition the air with trace amounts of inhibitive material. Protective vapors disseminate in the air through vaporization. The inhibiting process begins when the vapors contact the metal surface and condense to form a thin protective crystal layer one or two molecules thick. In the presence of even minute quantities of moisture, or acids the crystals dissolve and form a protective film between the moisture layer and the metal surface. The presence of this film prevents corrosion of the metal surface.

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